How to display CPU time and Memory usage in FFmpeg

To display used CPU time and memory consumption during processing we can use a –benchmark or -benchmark_all options that produce similar output:

  • -benchmark option shows results after encoding
  • -benchmark_all shows results during encoding, in various steps

The computer systems that do not support maximum memory consumption data will display 0 instead of value. Both options are global options and are entered at the beginning of the command, for example:

 ffmpeg -benchmark -i video_input.avi video_output.webm

ffmpeg -benchmark

At the end of the console output is added a line starting with bench: and the utime denotes the time that was used by the CPU (Central Processing Unit of the computer) during processing. The benchmark_all option displays the results during processing, the screen after completing is on the image below.

 ffmpeg -benchmark_all -i video_input.avi video_output.webm

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