Padding video with FFmpeg

Padding video is often needed when the input should be played on a display with different aspect ratio. or just to add extra space for additional content.

For a video padding in FFmpeg, we use a pad filterwhich adds a colored padding to the input video frame, which is located to the point[x, y] in the coordination system, where the beginning [0,0] is the top-left corner of the output frame. The size of the output is set by the width and height parameters.

Filter Syntax:


Description of filter parameters

width, heightwidth and height of output frame with padding, the value of the width can be derived from the height and vice versa, the default value of both parameters is 0
colorRGB color value in hexadecimal form: 0xRRGGBB[@@AA], where AA is decimal value from range (0,1) or any valid color name like black, blue, yellow etc., the default value is black.
x,ycoordinates (offset) of the input top-left corner regarding to the top-left corner of the output frame, the default value of both parameters 0

For example, to create a 30 pixel wide pink frame around an SVGA-sized photo, we can use the command:

ffmpeg -i photo.jpg -vf pad=860:660:30:30:pink pad_photo.jpg

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